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A platform for knowledge exchange, where members of the African diaspora and development partners share insights about the Africa we want to build

What's Happening?

Remembering Rwanda

April 7 – June 30 – 100 Days of Remembering

"Every year since 1994, Rwandans and friends of Rwanda from around the world remember innocent lives lost in Rwanda. In one hundred days, more than a million people were slaughtered because they were born Tutsis. We say Never Again. The photographs on the walls of the Gisozi Memorial Centre in Kigali remind us of our collective responsibility to honour their deaths. Every year, we remember them and work harder to build resilient communities in Rwanda."

-Lama Mugabo 

Image: Gisozi Memorial Centre Kigali, Rwanda




Lama Mugabo is a Community Planner who uses storytelling as planning tool. In 2005, Mugabo co-founded BBR – Building Bridges with Rwanda; a non-profit organization designed to create a platform for collaboration between international volunteers and their Rwandan counterparts who are rebuilding their society. As Baraza Host, Lama will be interviewing Rwanda’s change agents and development partners to share their insights about the Africa we want to build. In Baraza, conversations will focus on personal transformation, while also exploring ways innovations in science and technology are used to foster sustainability. 



Lama addresses a range of topics through storytelling. 

Lama Mugabo joins artist Jan Wade and curator Nya Lewis Williams in a  VPL hosted conversation on 'Black Artists Resisting Erasure in Vancouver'.
How Hunger Fed Me: My Journey to Solve Malnutrition in Rwanda | Lama Mugabo | TEDxEmilyCarrU